Online Payment / Phone Pay

Online Payment / Account Interface & Phone Pay

RTO Pro has its own secure online payment interface This service allows your customers to pay payments online, or optionally by phone, by credit card or ACH. On the Webpay portal customers will be able to view all of their agreements they have with you and their payment history. After your customer pays online or by phone the payment details are sent securely to your computer and processed in RTO Pro automatically!

The RTOWebpay. com online payment interface will allow your customers to make payments to your company via credit card or ACH. Your customers can even setup their own Autopay schedule which is processed through the webpay system. Autopay has the option to notify of payment processed by text message, or to allow the customer to authorize the payment by SMS text message before it is processed.

The RTOWebpay online payment interface is unique to each RTO company's website, the images can be customized to make it look like your own website, with your logos, images, theme and colors.

Screenshots of the RTO Pro webpay system.

The Look

If you want to see what your WebPay site could look like click this link.  This is the actual live webpay site for RTO Pro Software, if you are a current customer you can create a login and view your account info and history and pay payments online. When your company is set up for Webpay your companies payment portal would have your images / logos displayed on the top and right side instead of the RTO Pro logo.
Banner Information for Webpay

Pricing Pricing
Webpay Set Up $0.00
Monthly Charges $0.00
Transaction fee (per payment) $0.50
Optional IVR Phone Pay fee (per payment) $0.70

Also included at no additional charge for our webpay customers who do not have a website or want us to host a website for them, free basic web site design, free .com registration and free website hosting!

Master Login

RTO Pro Webpay service master login feature.

The master login feature allows you to login and see the same online info your customers see when they login. You can pull up any of your active customers from the master login simply by entering an account number or searching by the customer name. This feature can be used to take mobile payments from customers in their home while doing in house collections. It could also be used to aid in remote payments, when you are taking a payment for another store.
Webpay Master Login URL


RTO Pro Webpay service reporting feature.

The reporting feature allows you to login and see payments that were made to your company via the webpay service for any specified date range.

Autopay / Text to Pay

Autopay and Text to Pay options.

Customers can set up their account on autopay through the webpay system, with options for text message notifications and text to pay authorization by text message before the payment is processed.
If you use the RTO Pro SMS Text Service you can send text messages to your customers with a "Quickpay" link. They can click the link from their mobile device and pay online without having to create a login.

Mobile Payments

Take payments via webpay on mobile collections app.

When your drivers use the RTO Pro mobile collections app they can take payments by credit card or ACH while they are at a customer's home, using the webpay system. Click here for more info about the mobile collections app.

We are now accepting sign ups for the service. If you are ready to sign up click the link here to open the sign up checklist and service agreement.

Web Pay
  • RTO Pro Webpay Service. With this pricing there is no reason for even the smallest chains to not take advantage of this service and offer online payments and phone pay to their customers. You can now offer first class online account services to your customers at a fraction of the cost most online payment services charge.
Webpay Sign Up!
Phone Pay
  • IVR Phone Pay Service. The IVR Phone Pay service allows your customers to pay by phone by credit card. This is an optional add on to the Webpay service. When you sign up for IVR Phone Pay we assign a phone number to you that you would either have your phone system forward to for phone payments, or just give the number directly to your customers for when they want to pay by phone.
    The IVR Phone Pay system will guide your customers through paying by phone. The payments are processed in RTO Pro the same as webpay payments. To sign up for IVR Phone Pay
IVR Phone Pay Sign Up!
  • Current on support plan or Subscription for RTO Pro and setup for autopay to pay your Subscription or support payments. Setup for autopay to pay the Webpay transaction fees monthly on the 1st of each month.
  • A merchant account with Integrated credit card processing and an ACH processing account with Profituity if you want to accept ACH payments.
  • A company website to place a link to the payment portal on. (This is NOT required but is recommended. If you do not have a website we will register, design and host a basic website for free when you sign up for the webpay service.)
  • Banners to match your website should be used ont the webpay portal. We can make basic banners for you at no charge. If you want to make them yourself or have a designer make them see here for Banner Information
Want to see what the payment portal looks like and how it works? If you are a current RTO Pro support or Subscription customer you can see the payment portal and setup a login and view your account info and pay support and subscription payments to RTO Pro Software at the link below.

RTOWebpay payment portal for RTO Pro Software customers

RTOWebpay Master Login Screen (Company Login Screen) for RTO Pro Webpay customers