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RTO Pro Webpay Banner Info

Banners for webpay should be similar design as your website, so it looks like the customer is still on your website when they go to the payment portal.

We can make banners for you!

We offer free banner design when you sign up for webpay. If you want us to make banners send us any logo or image you would like to use and we can design them for you.

Banner details:
Top banner: width 1000 pixels height 150 pixels
Side banner: width 167 pixels height 900 pixels
Mini banner: width 280 pixels height 42 pixels

Banners must be .PNG files.

Background images can be provided by the stores also, see below for examples. They can be PNG or JPG format.

A background image could also be like below, which is a 500 x 500 pixel gradient color image in PNG format.

For more information call