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Shed Dealer Web E-signature Feature

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  • $10.00 Minimum Monthly charge
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Shed rental companies that have remote dealers that use our web portal to load agreements can now use an online signing center for e-signature solution.
Please note this is an optional service that can be added onto the Shed Dealer Portal service.

The web signing center creates a live connection between our web portal and your server for RTO Pro, when the agreement info is completed by the dealer the details are sent to your server where the agreement is generated and immediately sent back to the dealers signing center. The dealer can then have the customer e-sign the agreement. The PDF file with the customer e-signature is then sent to your server and stored in the customers document imaging.

Add E-signature to your Dealer Shed Portal Service for only $0.75 per agreement loaded.

The process for dealers to load agreements through the online portal using the signing center are listed below:
1. The dealer or customer at the dealers lot fills out the customer application info(customer name address etc.)
2. The dealer fills in the agreement details, including shed model, serial, agreement details, with pricing calculated based on your settings. The dealer can optionally process the down payment by credit card.
3. When the dealer submits the agreement details they are sent live to your server, where the agreement is generated.
4. The agreement is sent back live to the dealers online signing center.
5. The dealer uses his mobile device to tak e picture of the customers drivers license.
6. The dealer has the customer sign the agreement using touch screen on a mobile device.
7. The signed agreement and image of customers drivers license are sent to your server and stored in the customers document imaging.

  • To sign up for this service or for more info call 352-383-9375.