Shed Dealer Web Portal

Shed Dealer Web Portal Feature

Shed rental companies that have remote dealers can use our web portal to load agreements that import into your RTO Pro.

Through a secure login, dealers are able to load customer info, inventory and agreement details, including automatic payment calculation using your shed pricing divisors. The info is all imported automatically into your RTO Pro, with the ability to email PDF agreements to your dealer and or the customer.

There are no additional charges to use this service.

E-signature capabilities are now available! Click here for details.

The customer application portion of this feature uses the same forms as the RTO Pro Web Applications service, which are customizable for what fields are visible and required

For an example to see what your customer applications portion of this service would look like, see the page here:

Your page would have your banners, logos and backgrounds.

  • To sign up for this service or for more info call 352-383-9375.