Online Gallery / Web Store

RTO Pro Online Gallery / Web Store Feature

RTO Pro has an Online Gallery feature that can display your inventory online with pricing so customers can place orders online.

This feature ties in with the web application service, so your customers can choose the product they want, fill out an online application and the details get imported into your RTO Pro data.

There are no additional charges to use this feature. It is included with Subscriptions and Support plans.

You set up the images for your products through a web interface, you can limit the items or categories of items that will show up in your gallery. All you need to do is add a link to your website to direct customers to your Gallery page.

For an example to see what your Gallery portal would look like see the page here:Gallery Sample Page

Your page would have your banners, logos and backgrounds.

To sign up for this service or for more info call 352-383-9375.