Email Service

RTO Pro Outgoing Email Information

RTO Pro software has outgoing email functionality built in that can use just about any SMTP Service, such as your own internet service provider's SMTP service which is usually free with your internet service, or hundreds of other free or paid email services such as Sendgrid, Amazon SES etc.

We used to offer a service that we would set up your email service for you using Amazon SES. Due to changes made by Amazon, Google and Yahoo email requirements that make it difficult to set up if you are not the end user we no longer offer this service.

If you can't use your ISP's SMTP service we recommend using one of the services listed below, we do not provide support for setting up any of these services, contact them for help. After your SMTP account is set up and you have your SMTP settings and credentials we can help showing you where that info goes into RTO Pro.

Amazon SES
Or just search "SMTP Service" and you can find lots of other companies that offer SMTP email service.