Integrated Credit and Debit Card Processing

RTO Pro has integrated credit card and debit card capabilities. This allows you to process the cards directly through RTO Pro, including using Autopay.

If you are not accepting credit cards now you can set up account with our integrated provider and use the integrated credit card capabilities in RTO Pro instead of purchasing or leasing expensive credit card terminals. If you are accepting credit cards now compare what you could save using RTO Pro and have a fully integrated solution which would allow customers to be set up for AutoPay by credit card also.

Advantages of integrated credit card processing


With integrated credit card processing you can setup your customers to pay automatically every month(week, bi week etc.) by credit card directly through RTO Pro, with 1 click processing for all autopay customers.


With integrated credit card processing you can sign up for our webpay service that allows your customers to pay you payments online. The payments are imported and processed automatically into RTO Pro.

Fast and easy

Faster and easier to process credit cards with an integrated solution.

Processing credit card through RTO Pro is much easier and faster than using a credit card terminal, everything is done directly in RTO Pro. With a credit card terminal you have to process the credit card through the terminal then enter the payment in RTO Pro, when it is integrated you do everything in 1 step.

PCI Compliance notice (payment card industry (PCI))

The RTO Pro integrated credit card solution is a PA-DSS validated payment application. Our integration solution isolates cardholder data from our software. By utilizing our integrated provider as the only module that handles cardholder data, we follow industry best practices. PA-DSS does not apply to our software because it applies only to applications that store, process or transmit cardholder data.