AutoPay (Automatic Recurring Payments)

RTO Pro has Autopay features built in. Your customers can be set up to pay payments automatically by credit card or ACH.

Once a customer is set up for Autopay you can process all Autopay payments with the click of 1 button. The customers credit card or ACH payment is processed and the payment is processed in 1 step, no matter how many customers are set up for Autopay the entire process is done with just 1 click.

The customers credit card info is saved securely offsite by our integrated provider after you enter or swipe the customers credit card info. For ACH the customers bank account info is encrypted and saved in RTO Pro.

Note: To use this feature in RTO Pro you must be set up with our integrated credit card processing and/or ACH processing.

Below is an image of the screen where you enter customers credit card and or ACH bank info.