Account Messenger Service / Mobile App

Introducing Account Messenger Mobile App / Messaging Service

Account Messenger Mobile App Messaging Service is available now! This service sends messages to your customers through Android or IOS mobile apps, that are available to install through the Android Play Store and the Apple App store.

When you enable this service any SMS message sent will be sent to the customers app if they have registered their number in the app, or sent by normal SMS if they are not registered in the app.

  • Advantages of Account Messenger messages vs SMS:
  • Only 2 cents per message, no matter how long the message is (vs SMS text fee per 160 characters)
  • If the customer has installed the app we know if the message has been received and read, with SMS there is no way to accurately tell if a message was delivered or viewed.
  • No need to worry about your text number being blocked or blacklisted by a carrier, if your customer has the app they will get the message.
  • The messaging app has webpay quickpay link built in, so if you use webpay it makes it easy for the customer to pay you online.
  • Messages are sent through RTO Pro the same as SMS Texts, no need to change your processes to start using the Account Messenger Service App. Any messages you send to customers who do not have the Account Messenger app installed will be sent a normal SMS text.
  • Easy for your customers to find and install the app from the website or by searching the Android Play Store or IOS App Store.
  • No "Opt Out" requirements, opt out messaging is not included with messages sent using the Account Messenger Service, if the message is sent with opt out language it is removed when sent through the Account Messenger app.
  • To sign up all you need is an SMS account, if you already have one all you have to do is enable this service in Store Setup. To sign up for an SMS account click here

For more information call 352-383-9375.


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