Automated Tax Calculations and Filing using TaxJar

RTO Pro TaxJar Integration

RTO Pro is now integrated with TaxJar for automated sales tax reporting and filing.

One of the things we hear most from our users is how difficult it is to track sales tax rates and file monthly sales tax reports for companies that do business in destination based states. State tax returns can be dozens of pages long, that have to be filled out monthly. So by popular demand we have integrated with TaxJar. TaxJar automates sales tax rate lookup by address and automates the filing process.

Using the TaxJar service with RTO Pro, when you load a transaction TaxJar provides the correct sales tax rate based on the delivery address. Your transaction info is also uploaded to TaxJar when you run a sales tax report so TaxJar can generate reports to help you fill out tax reports in minutes. TaxJar also has AutoFile available to completely automate the sale tax reporting process.

With TaxJar's AutoFile, stores that are in destination based tax states or do business in multiple states will save a lot of time and money.

RTO Pro does not charge any fees to use this feature, see the TaxJar website for their service fees:

This feature is available in the latest RTO Pro update.

TaxJar instantly prepares your state return-ready reports

Use TaxJar Reports to finish your returns in minutes, or choose to automate your filing with AutoFile.