Cloud Ready

RTO Pro is "Cloud" Ready

A common question we are asked is can RTO Pro run from the cloud or be "hosted". The answer to this is YES. We do not provide hosting or cloud services ourself but there are thousands of "cloud" or "hosting" providers available if you want to have a hosted solution, including very popular and well known ones such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Rackspace.

What's "Cloud"?

A cloud or hosted solution simply means the server you are running RTO Pro from is not in your building, it is being hosted, off site, by a 3rd party in "the cloud".

The only real advantage of having a "hosted" or "cloud" server is the ability to access it from anywhere you have internet access, on just about any device that has an RDP client, such as any Windows device, any IOS or Android device with an RDP Client app installed.

The Network and Central Server editions can both be hosted in the cloud by either dedicated servers or virtual private servers (VPS or what Amazon calls EC2). Any cloud or hosted service that offers Windows Server 2008 or newer will be able to host RTO Pro for you. You would connect to your server via an RDP connection (Remote Desktop).

RTO Pro is not a web based application, it cannot be ran natively from within a web browser.

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