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RTO Pro Webpay Shopping Cart Feature

RTO Pro Webpay Service now includes a Shopping Cart feature that you can use on your website.

The shopping cart feature allows you to add customized "Buy Now" links to your website, when your customers click the "Buy Now" links it will add the item to the shopping cart. From the shopping cart your customer can click a "Continue Shopping" button that will return them to your website or check out and pay by credit card using your merchant account.

For users who have signed up for the webpay service the shopping cart feature is available now. The shopping cart can be used with any website. The charge for this service is $0.50 per payment made through the shopping cart.

There is no additional paperwork to fill out or any additional set up needed to use this feature, the charges are added to your webpay service, if you use the webpay service you can start using the shopping cart feature anytime.

Setting up your shopping cart.

You can create the links to use on your website through the webpay admin login, see the screenshot to the right.

For detailed info on how you could integrate this feature in your website click here

For an example to see what your shopping cart could look like click the button here :Shopping Cart Sample

Your shopping cart would have your banners, logos and backgrounds.

To sign up for this service or for more info call 352-383-9375.