SMS Texting Services

SMS Texting Services are now available through RTO Pro. The texting services allow you to send SMS text messages to your customers or to any mobile phone number you specify. You are able to send and receive texts. The recipient of your text can simply reply back to your text and you will receive the reply.

  • Text Messages canbe sent from:
  • On Screen Account Manager
  • Automated Collections Module
  • Payment Screen
  • SMS Text Control Panel
  • Send form Text Messages from Customer Listing and Overdue Customer reports
  • Send invoices by text message, with quickpay links for online payment.
  • The texting service can be used for promotion or collections.

Text messaging is great for collections, many times a customer will not return a phone call but will reply to a text message. Our users who have signed up for this service tell us it makes collections much easier.

If you use the RTO Pro Webpay Service you can send text messages with a "Quickpay" link the customer can click to pay online, without needing to create a login. This is very convenient for customers and a great collection tool!

Requirements: A computer, RTO Pro and internet access... nothing else, no mobile phone equipment needed.



/ month
  • 1,000 text messages
  • 3 Cents per text
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/ month
  • 2,000 text messages
  • 2.75 Cents per text
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/ month
  • 4,000 text messages
  • 2.625 Cents per text
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/ month
  • 8,000 text messages
  • 2.5 Cents per text
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The pricing above is per text phone number and outgoing and incoming texts count toward totals. Multiple locations can share a single text number or each location can have their own. All SMS Text accounts are paid monthly in advance and must be setup to be paid automatically monthly by credit card or ACH debit on the last day of each month.

Your texting account can be set up for overage billing, so if you go over your alloted text count you can keep sending texts and are billed your per text rate for any overage.

Please note OUTGOING SMS Text Messages are limited to 160 characters. Incoming text messages can be any length, but will be split into multiple 160 character messages, and you are charged for every message. So for instance an incoming message with 200 characters would be charged as 2 text messages.

For more information call 352-383-9375.


RTO Pro Software does not provide legal advice and makes no representation nor assurance as to the legality of the use of its Text Messaging or any other services which RTO Pro may provide that allows you to contact your customers or potential customers. These services are provided as-is and you are solely responsible to determine the legality of the use of these services. RTO Pro Software urges you to obtain a legal opinion from your counsel as to specific regulations in the states in which you operate. This advice should be updated annually.