RTO Pro Support Downloads

Below are links to various downloads.

1. RTO Pro Latest Update
2. RTO Pro Corporate Office Latest Update
3. Star Printer Driver for TSP100 for Vista/ Win 7
4. Star Printer Driver for TSP100 for Vista / Win 7 64bit
5. Installing Star Printers on Windows 7 32Bit
6. Installing Star Printers on Windows 7 64Bit
7. Installation Manual for Star TSP100 Vista (PDF file)
8. Click here to go to the download page for Star Receipt printers (Star printers come with drivers in the box for most printers and operating systems, with some printers you have to download Vista drivers)
9. How to install the Hiro H50113 USB Modem for use with the Automated Collections Module in Windows Vista (instructions, video and driver download)  Please note the info here for Hiro modems is from 2008, for help installing Hiro modems or to get the latest drivers visit their website www.hiroinc.com. We no longer sell Hiro modems as of 2012 and no longer provide support for installation of these modems, contact Hiro for any support you may need.
10. Download site for Hiro H50113 drivers (has Windows 7 drivers)
11. Hiro Windows 7 32 bit drivers
12. Hiro Windows 7 64 bit drivers We no longer sell Hiro modems as of 2012 and no longer provide support for installation of these modems, contact Hiro for any support you may need. Their website www.hiroinc.com.
13. X-charge Pinpad device driver to meet July 2010 PCI compliance standards
14. Epson Receipt printer drivers. Drivers for Epson POS Printers(from their website). Epsons website is: http://pos.epson.com. We no longer sell Epson receipt printers as of 2004 and no longer provide support for the installation or setup of Epson printers, see their website for support and drivers.
15. Driver for Samsung SRP-250 for Windows XP? (This is the latest driver from Samsung (as of 2003), we no longer sell Samsung printers and we have not tested this driver. For newer drivers see Samsungs website.)
16. Manual that goes with the Samsung Driver above.
17. Epson Printer Drivers TDR161 (This is the old drivers)
18. Click here to download a utility to fix inventory items without a model or serial number (post data conversion fix).
19. Link to Metrologic Optimus installation program

DataTrue setup

To enable DataTrue reports in RTO Pro download and install the file below. Click on the link below, choose "Run" and then go through the install, keep all the default options.

1. XML Post Setup


Then all you have to do is setup your DataTrue account info in Store Setup in RTO Pro, get this info from DataTrue at 209-951-9375.



X-charge update files

These are the latest upgrades for X-charge. These components must be installed if you are using the latest version of RTO Pro (5.8.0 or newer) and you use Xcharge to process credit cards. Click the links below and choose "Run", then after the files download go through the install process.

File #1 Xctransaction2.dll version

File #2 Xcharge client / Server software 7.1 Release 6

Starting with RTO Pro version 5.8.602 the files below will be required instead of the files above.

For computers with the Xcharge interface installed: http://www.rtopro.com/XC8.0.4.4_OI.exe

For computers or workstations with the Xcharge DLL only: http://www.rtopro.com/XCClient8.0.4.4.exe

For more details about what is required with this update see the page here: http://www.rtopro.com/help/xcharge_emv.htm

Please note these files (and any update files newer than these) are also available directly from Xcharge at the following website: http://www.x-charge.com